about me

I have held a camera in my hands for most of my life now. My interest in photography blossomed early in childhood when my father first handed me down his 1960’s Bolsey Jubilee 35mm camera. I moved on to a Minolta SLR and spent many hours capturing creative images. I helped my father build a darkroom in our basement, and became fascinated with the process of lab work. Sometime in college, I let photography go by the wayside, and didn’t really pick it up again until 2003 when I decided to purchase my first digital camera. The extreme portability of the device enabled me to start carrying a camera around more easily and opened the creative floodgates again. I began shooting abstract textures to use for my computer desktop wallpaper, and suddenly I was hooked on photography again.

Textures are still a very large part of my repertoire, being drawn to repeating patterns, lines, bold colors, and high contrast compositions. I am also fascinated with buildings and architectural details. My job as a commercial pilot allows me unique vantage points for landscapes as well as access to the “backstage” world of airlines and aviation. Airplanes, airports, and aerial photography make up a good portion of my work. I am also very drawn to heavy industry, machinery, rust, and general urban decay, finding this imagery to be both powerful, yet subtly beautiful.

My primary tool is a simple point-and-shoot digital camera with manual override features. In addition, the advent of the iPhone has opened up entirely new doors for me, and I find myself utilizing this new technology all the time, being both a consistently handy camera as well as offering instant access to a mobile digital darkroom. I dabble a bit in pinhole photography, as well, mainly in the form of solargraph experiments, attempting to capture the trail of the sun across the sky in exposures of several months. I am interested in all forms of image making, and have plans to experiment with a number of processes.

As an artist, I am continually “seeing”. Compositions abound that I want to capture, even when I don’t have a camera handy, and I feel compelled to constantly shoot images. I try to always carry my camera with me everywhere I go, and feel a great personal satisfaction in making images. I make art because it pleases me, and am thrilled about sharing it with others who enjoy it as well.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. I always enjoy feedback.  

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the photography!


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